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, a professor of commerce and she was doing a study on the leadership -- and i was surprised to hear about this, there were looking to us for tips on how to revitalize small businesses, using tourism, and getting regional and local visitors. trying to find diversity to draw people in with small businesses and unique businesses, and she seemed pleased to get that information back to japan. and that is set. >> thank you. the next item? >> item 13 is general public comment. >> is there any general public comment? public comment is closed. >> item 14 is new business. is there any new business? the next item? item 15 is adjournment. >> do we have a motion to adjourn? >> i moved. >> i second. >> thank you. >> commissioners, the meeting is adjourned at 6:34 p.m.. >> hello, i am with the recreation and parks department. we are featuring the romantic park location in your backyard. this is your chance to find your heart in santa and cisco with someone special. -- san francisco with someone special. our first look out is here at buena vista park, a favorite with couples and dog walkers. both have a signi
the last few months that is a joint partnership with the chamber of commerce. goothere is someone at that desk now, a temporary person is that position is being filled, but the objection is to work with the event authorities on their contrasting needs, business to business needs, and seeing what we can do to fulfill those needs with our local and small businesses here in san francisco and also to work with the business community on what needs emotionally around america's cup. the one stock is open from 10:00 until 2:00, so if you are in that vicinity, please drop in. we have a staff member staffed there. 311 is staffed there as well, so we have city and a vent authority staff -- event authority staff to help fulfill needs. remember race days. i hope you are able to enjoy, take some time to watch the races. at the last meeting, jane gave you a presentation, so we will august 28 start doing some testing with clients and hope to have sometime in september, and i will keep you apprised of that. this grand jury did report on the arts commission. they have a program called the street ar
. the national weather service, part of the commerce department, it's obama. >> stephen: just connect the dots, folks, okay. one, obama can make and or is a hurricane. (laughter) two, he can predict the weather months in advance. three, i already had this finger up and i can't put it back. obama. he controls the weather. i mean we should have known, all black people can control the weather. (applause) very informative documentary, by the way. it's where i learned that bald people can implant thoughts in your mind. out of my head, carville. i don't want to picture mary matalin like that. oh, oh-- oh, she worked out. folks, speaking of mind control, bill clinton gave a speech last night scheduled for half an hour which just wrapped up a few minutes ago. (laughter) and i would add hit clinton started strong. >> we are here to nominate a president. (cheers and applause) and i've got one in mind. >> stephen: unfortunately, barack obama defeated her four years ago. (laughter) luckily, luckily bill had another option. >> i want to nominate a man who is cool on the outside. >> (cheers and applause) bu
, i'm dee dee workman with the san francisco chamber of commerce and a resident of district nine, pg&e rate payer, representing over 1,500 local businesses and resident owners and employees. we are very concerned about the impacts of the clean power sf program on san francisco businesses, residents and the local community. community choice aggregation was originally designed to inject competition and generation of electrical power. the goals were to drive prices down, maintain rate stability, provide over half the power load from renewable sources and find a supplier for a long-term contract. this contract ensures none of those goals. rates for electricity charges will increase. this is a short-term contract that creates no green power, results in net loss of jobs in san francisco. all the liability rests with the taxpayers. while it is well intended and we appreciate the hard work that's gone into this we feel like it is not ready to go. and clean power san francisco does not represent or reflect goals of community choice aggregation program. the san francisco chamber of commerce ur
has it's recognition to be proud of listed as one of the up and commerce by u.s. news and world report. it is come in just under the 19 regional schools to be begin the designation up and commerce. they are recognized for the- vattive changes for academics and student -- for the innovative changes for acad --academics and student life. >>> according to the mayor's office, the city made 19 million dollars in revenue all from tickets issued by the speed cameras in a year. that is 4.2 million more than was budgeted. officials say that they plan to spend that money for the additional traffic projcts so i know that's news no one wants to hear. i don't know if you got one but it's like man, they got me. >> i got one. >> you did? >> they got me. all right. let's talk about the temperatures right now. we are chilly this morning in stevenson. 51 degrees. 52 in churchville and 50 in rockville. westminster at 59 and dealing with patchy fog around that area. 55 right now in centerville. easton at 54 and good morning cambridge. you are at 58 degrees. now we look at future trend, high pressure is in
with the business community. one of the biggest champions is that california chamber of commerce. we know it is good for business. and please, organized with the neighborhood bars. there are so many great neighborhood bars in this city that could add that neighborhood element to political organizing. and when you are a district supervisor, it is one thing to have nightclub owners come to you. it is another thing to have neighborhood business owners like bar owners coming to you. we need to organize as a bar owner and that will move us in a positive direction. i am optimistic about the future of night life in this city. i think we have turned a corner. there's a broader and broader consensus that this matters for the broader culture of san francisco. thank you. [applause] for many years, the entertainment commission -- >> for many years, the entertainment commission, which has been under the auspices of the city was guided by ed lee. he is now the mayor san francisco. he was going to be here today, but was called away. but he sent paul anderson to deliver a message. [applause] >> not ed lee. but i pl
of that disaffection into votes. next week he'll address the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce at its annual convention in los angeles. diane eastabrook, "n.b.r.," chicago. >> susie: new estimates are in, >> susie: new estimates are in, and it looks like this year's holiday selling season will be the strongest for retailers since the great recession took hold. shoppertrek sees overall sales rising 3.3%, it bases those numbers on visits to more than 50,000 stores. >> tom: the major stock indices inches higher as investors and traders wait for the federal reserve's announcement tomorrow if it will do anything more to help the economy. the session for the s&p 500 illustrates the back and forth, with prices dipping mid-morning, and late afternoon, before closing with a small gain. it continues hovering around its post-recession high. volume grew slightly. 661 million shares on the big board. 1.7 billion on the nasdaq. not a lot of volatility among the major stock sectors. with the iphone five debt, the telecom services sector was the biggest gainer, up 0.7%. consumer staples was in the biggest loser, down
.t.c. awed to be extended. -- ought to be extended: the u.s. chamber of commerce, national governors association, the governors wind energy coalition, american farm burea federation and many major national newspapers have all weighed in saying this is important to our country's future. members on both sides of the aisle, have i mentioned, have said the p.t.c. should be extended because they know and they've seen the positive effects of the p.t.c. on their communities and across the country. they also know that wind energy and renewable energy more generally is the future. it's the wave of the future. there's no question. all you have to do is look at the rest of the world. look at china, look at spain, look at denmark, look at developing countries. they're all investing in clean energy. it is not something they're doing to feel good. in sum extending the p.t.c. is a no-brainer. it's common sense. we need to do the job we were sent here to do. we ought to be extending the p.t.c. as soon as possible. it equals jobs. we ought to pass it as soon as possible. madam president, i'm going to
. >> already the u.s. department of commerce estimates that 1 million californians have jobs thanks to international trade alone and by opening up these offices in shanghai and beijing and possibly in mexico as well, business leaders in the state are hoping to boost that jobs number overall. >> bring it on. thank you. >> the country's strongest job markets, the country's pixar mr. right here in the bay area. san fransisco, orange county, san mateo county, topping a new federal labor report. that region saw a 4.4% increase in total jobs over a 12 month time ending in july. no. 2 on the report was santa clara county, posting a 3.5% increase, economists say that the growth is due to an increase in technology jobs. a lot of job seekers wind up in the tribe valley today, we're talking thousands of people. a new outlet mall is getting ready to open off of interstate 580 where the cities of livermore, pleasanton, and dublin, meet. ann noterangelo is here with positive signs for the bay area economy. >> the mayor of livermore was grinning ear to ear when talking about the opening of the out
, because fed ex is the quintessential way to play anything good about global commerce. and it's a given that the company can handle these kinds of downturns and will adjust as it waits for the turn. it didn't take long. fed ex is now trading up more than a buck from where it was before preannounced downside. that's the kind of thing that happens when you own and buy on weakness the best of breed. how about celgene? last june they had to withdraw a drug application from europe. they dumped the stock, taking it down to $59 from the high 60s and 70s before that. to me, i told you, i came in here and said it was ludicrous. you had to give bob hugin, the ceo and his team the benefit of the doubt. over and over and over again since we started the show, hugin has come on and told you not to worry in these dips. it's business as usual at celgene. three months have passed. the stock has zoomed from $59 to $73. it is amazing to me how people give up on the best of breed companies whenever they have a glitch. we're watching that same thing happen right now with allergan, maker of botox and other m
to attend the chamber of commerce awards, the san jose engineering banquet awards and the lunar new year luncheon we asked about earlier when he said no matter issues were discussed. do you feel like you should be charging taxpayers for that? >> if people ask me questions about water, i definitely aware that people ask me questions about water. >> reporter: should you charge for it if it's just a matter someone may ask a question? >> it's a judgment call. >> you are not necessarily pay to show up. you're paid to do your job. >> reporter: judy nadler heads up the ethics department at santa clara university. >> the presumption that when you go out in the public someone will, a, recognize that you're a water board member and, b, have a pressing issue that they want to discuss at a social event, i think it's actually unlikely. >> reporter: and it's not just events they charge for. the director racked up more than $14 last year in membership fees for rotary club and professional societies. >> for the past 12 months i stopped charging it. >> reporter: taxpayers are still picking up the tap for
the stock sell around, bump around, it does always does with apple. when they talk about e-commerce amounts, other features besides just the look of the phone will make a big difference and how you actually use the phone in the real world. >> wow, tough crowd. as we get more news on that we will bring it to you live from brian. >>> there seems to be a major disconnect meanwhile between what wall street wants this election in november and what they think they're going to get. senior economic reporters steve leisman is here with the results of cnbc's exclusive fed survey. >> simon, i was very surprised by these results. we threw this question in to gauge wall street's sentiment, figure out what they were preparing for when it came to the november election. we asked two questions -- who do you think will win the election? that was 46%-24%, that's about 2-1. then who do you want to win? 53%-18%. call that 5-2. pretty big percentage saying they don't know right now or are unsure. are americans better off than they were four years ago? only 40% of our 58% of respondents said yes. 49% saying no. w
of these issues. but the absolute core issue is bankers are meant to help service commerce, not be a barrier that gets in the way. >> reporter: so this commission will be looking at regulation and potential policy changes around uk banking. they'll report back with proposed legislation, coming into christmas. december 18th is when they're expected to report. lots more evidence expected to be reported. >> thank you so much. james ferguson is still with us. there's so much going on with the uk. what is interesting is we're trying to -- the uk is setting up its own regulations, whether we're heading into direct conflict with the what the eu might be proposing because they're going to rip up the eba and have extended powers over uk banks, whether we're heading for a collision here. >> if europe's problem is that everyone has the same policy but all have different fiscal policies, different tax rates, we've got the same issue potentially brug here with banking.ewing here with banking. if they have to be bailed out by the taxpayers, which tax pay sne ers? maybe we should make the decision whether
, making certain that our infrastructure is strong and able to move our situation of a comeback, commerce requires the shipping of freight. it needs the infrastructure, our communities require that our investment in infrastructure otherwise they go it the way of a property tax or less progressive tax structure. so we know what needs to be done and the denial here by the do-nothing republican congress is not acceptable. it's painful. it's immoral. it's insensitive, it's un-american. to put partisanship ahead of partnership is unacceptable. we know that the american spirit requires better than that. and so we need to respond to america's working families. we need to respond to the hope that ought to be delivered to the doorstep of families across this great nation. our history is replete with investment, investment to take us to new ages, new elements of success, new impacts on the world scene. you know, earlier i had spoken of the mill towns that became epicenters of invention. it was their product delivery coming out of the mill towns, coming out of those 24-hour- a-day operations, not in
litigate risks that establishes measures to promote the safe movement of people and commerce and protecting civil rights and civil liberties. with this in mind, we are also delivered an efforts to provide travelers an opportunity to be heard. the inquiry program is a single point of contact for individuals, who have increased the experiences during travel. today, in response to 9/11, we have significantly adapted and enhance our ability to detect travel threats at the earliest opportunity. we do not work alone in this mission. terror screening is a multiagency and collaborative effort. more work remains to be done. i can assure you that the men and women of the department of homeland security never forget. our goal is to keep the country safe. for us it is not a job. it is a mission. thank you for this opportunity to update the committee on the progress we have made in recent years and thank you for holding this hearing. i have submitted written testimony and requested us to be made part of the record. >> thank you very much. the chair now recognizes mr. kevin mcaleenan. >> yes, that is ve
the commerce clause was not very relevant. they still worried about that and that's why the program was designed that way. one of the reasons it's so difficult to get states to cooperate with the federal government. as has been outfitted to come up there with the gao in fiscal year 2009, nine different agencies spent $18 billion to administer 47 different training programs. the report points out almost all federal employment training programs have included those with broader missions such as multipurpose autocrats overlapped with at least one program that provided similar services to similar populations. so there simply a lot of services being provided and oftentimes not provided in a very coherent fashion, at least from my standpoint. i should make clear there's a lot of people in this room that have worked actively at the department of labor. i am not one of them, so i defer to them. they have a lot more information about the structure of these programs. betsy made some very important points. but from the standpoint of looking outcome it does not seem as if we have a very coherent
to a lot of bank stocks, including the commerce bank, italy's unicredit. the news also sending bond yields a little bit lower here. the spanish two-year, take a look at 2921, and the euro having a good week as the shorts continue to get steered out of that position. eu euros a little over 1.29, the netherlands where a general election is underway. that being seen as a test of whether europeans will, in fact, embrace an austerity-lead unionization. >>> speaking of which, let's get to michelle caruso-cabrera who is live in madrid with why on spain may soon ask for a bailout. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: hey there, carl, good morning to you. this morning, the prime minister of spain indicated that he might go to the ecb and ask for their help in lowering interest rates. it's not actually a full-on bailout, but it is something close to it. if you'll recall, back in the last week, he offered countries two choices, you can go get a full bailout, that's fine, or that's something like greece has. you get money, need that money to pay your bills, needs that to make payroll and pay for gover
, the agriculture department, the commerce department, homeland security, interior department, the army corps of engineers to hiring veterans in jobs such as conservation and first responders. however to comply with the paygo rules, we manipulate the system again. we include revenue increases, equal the cost of the bill; we do that by requiring a continuous levy on payments to medicare payment providers and s and also by revoking passports in cases of seriously delinquent taxpayers. i hear that's going to be pulled. but nobody knows. nobody has seen it. that's why we have committees, so we don't have to play with things before we have a base bill that we know what we can do on. the bill already violates the budget control act's aloe act'sn for federal affairs funding. it is subject to a 302(f) point of order because it is outside the bound of their appropriations. the bill states a distinct preference for the veteran vetef iraq by stating that these jobs are for veterans who have served since september 11, 2001. as with the veterans caregiver bill in 2009, this is blatant discrimination again
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)